Wallpeople 2012 in Kensington Market on of 30 cities around the world lived the Wallpeople experience.

Toronto participated in the global art project Wallpeople. Artists, neighbours and passersby got involved in creating a momentary open-air art museum on June 9th, 2012.

With the guiding theme, ‘Express yourself’, Wallpeople encouraged people to express their ideas and share them in a public arena. The grey wall of the washroom in Bellevue Square transformed when nearly seventy people contributed their art.

Painting, knitting, collage, poetry, and photography changed the face of the wall in this improvised open-air museum. Children and people of all ages were playing with art supplies.

Wallpeople is a collaborative art project originally conceived of in Barcelona that leads people to create, and be part of a special moment in an urban space, by setting up a unique street work done by all. Wallpeople is truly a chance to inhabit our urbanity together through a collective creativity. Wallpeople is art by and for the people and found a comfortable fit in the eclectic neighbourhood of Kensington Market.

Wallpeople Toronto’s Team included Javiera Rossel, Felipe Hidalgo, Esma Yakut, Lido
Pimienta, Javier Lovera, Simón Rojas and Su Alexanian.

Wallpeople in Toronto was supported by KMAC and the Kensington Market BIA.
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