2014 AGM – November 15, 2014

Postcard - image of Oxford St. with date and time of 2014 KMAC AGM

KMAC (Kensington Market Action Committee) is your general-purpose neighbourhood association looking out for the interests of both residents and businesses in Kensington Market

Some of what we’ve worked with & supported in 2014

– Friends of Kensington who successfully kept Walmart from moving into Kensington Market this year
– the 25th Annual Kensington Market Winter Solstice Parade on December 21st
Sonya’s Park Community Gardens
new artist murals in the neighbourhood

Laneway mural with dedication to KMAC, who funded the project
– St. Stephens out of the cold program
Canopy of Kensington – planting new trees in both front and back yards throughout the market
We also
act as liaison for visiting film crews in Kensington
– negotiate with city officials in all matters that relate to our neighbourhood.

Is there anything you think we could be supporting?
Do you have an interest in volunteering for our board?

Please join us ….
refreshments will be served.