KMAC Procedures


Procedures adopted at AGMs prior to May 6, 2008

Objectives: To be a general purpose neighbourhood organization in Kensington Market, located in Toronto, Ontario. 
To preserve and nourish the business, residential and cultural character of Kensington Market. 
To be a forum to reflect the direction and views of the community. 
To be available to be approached for possible support and empowerment of grassroots initiatives. 
To build community consensus. 
To be a voice with outside institutions.

Membership: All persons who are residents, business owners, employees, regular volunteers of generally recognized organizations, tenants and/or real property owners in the geographical area bounded by Spadina Avenue, Bathurst Street, Dundas Street and College Street, in Toronto, Ontario, not including the boundary streets, may become voting general members of the corporation.

Annual General Meeting: An AGM is to be held within 13 months of the last AGM.

Board of Directors There are up to 20* directors on the Board. 
The Board is elected at the AGM or a Special General Meeting called for the purpose of elections. The AGM or Special GM may change the number of Board members by a 2/3 vote. The Board may fill vacancies. 
Quorum is a majority (more than 50%) if there are 11 or fewer directors; 50% if 12 or 13 directors; 40% if 14 or more directors. 
Notice time for a Board meeting other than a meeting called by a motion of the Board is one week and it must be called by at least three directors. 
A director is deemed to have resigned if a director attends less than 50% of Board meetings over a period of 6 months or 3 consecutive meetings, whichever is longer. The Board will inform the person who is deemed to have resigned, and the Board can reinstate the person if the person attends the next meeting and requests to be reinstated. 
The Board is to recruit new directors by establishing committees working on specific projects and the committee chairs are to become directors if a Board vacancy is available.

* at the 2014 AGM the maximum number of directors was amended to 7.


President: Chairs KMAC Board and may be asked to represent KMAC.

Secretary: Records and reports minutes of KMAC.

Treasurer: Records and reports finances of KMAC, and follows decisions of KMAC in spending funds, and is one of the signing officers.


Other officers may be appointed by the Board. Officers are to hold office until the next AGM, unless removed from office sooner by the Board.

Procedures adopted at Board Meetings up to Jun 23, 2008

All letters and public documents are to be approved by the Board and signed by three directors.

The chair does not vote except to break a tie.