Founded in 1997, KMAC (Kensington Market Action Committee) is a volunteer-driven community group, a general purpose neighbourhood organization. Our mandate is:

  • To be a forum to reflect the direction and views of the community,
  • To help build community consensus,
  • To serve as as an information hub for the community,
  • To be a voice for the neighbourhood,
  • To support and empower neighbourhood grassroots initiatives, and
  • To preserve and nourish the residential and cultural character of Kensington Market.

Meet our board members:

    • Su Alexanian, Secretary and Acting Chair
    • Helena Frei, Treasurer
    • Shamez Almani
    • Yvonne Bambrick
    • Venetia Butler
    • Gabi Caruso
    • Martin Zimmerman

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact one of the board members above or email info@kensingtonmarket.org.